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Updated November 2018
  • It is a rarity to find kindergartens that can uphold the human touch, sustain organic learning approaches and nurture students with the heart. BPRK is part of that minority, one of the handful of rare gems that are holding the fort, maintaining the true excellence in guiding and nurturing our young.

    Every staff (both teaching and non-teaching) is exemplary in his or her role. Keep up the amazing work and you are definitely one of the best in Singapore!

    ~ Chen Haixu

  • BPRK has been very detailed and nurturing in their approach to teaching and preparing my child for primary school. The teachers that my son had have shown a genuine interest in his growth and development.

    Daily assembly and worship time has helped him to learn more about God – something that I appreciate!
    I would recommend BPRK to anyone/ everyone!

    ~ Monica Gupta

  • I think BPRK’s strength is their teaching staff – they are all very nurturing and genuinely love the children.

    Programme wise, our son has learnt a lot and I am impressed with the current affairs session that the Roots and Wings programme has – it truly broadens his perception of the world.

    ~ Melanie Seah

  • We knew from Day 1 that we had made the right choice of enrolling our daughter in BPRK. She has improved academically, socially and spiritually. The teachers are friendly and helpful, and they encourage the kids. We are happy with the school’s location, cleanliness and very well organised events.

    Thank you BPRK!

    ~ John and Maria Barcega

  • BPRK has become important for both of my children. I can see how my girl has grown, physically and spiritually. I love the time the children sing praises to God in the morning and listen to the Word.

    BPRK has been teaching my child extremely well. All the lessons are planned carefully and the curriculum has prepared my girl well for her Primary School. The teachers are all so dedicated, and has put so much effort in teaching the lessons as well as teaching proper manners.

    ~ Agustina Gunawan

  • I saw tremendous improvement in my son’s handwriting, colouring and drawing, and willingness to learn after sending him to BPRK. He would always amaze me with new words he learnt at school – and I am especially happy that my son is finally able to pronounce the letter ‘L’ properly and correctly due to his teachers’ constant encouragement.

    Thank you for the loving care rendered to my son, and for the constant updates and openness to communicate with us parents!

    ~ Rubell

  • Our child enjoys going to school each day and remembers teachers’ instructions. The new Roots and Wings Programme is also fun and creative for his learning.

    Finally, to hold true to God’s instruction in Proverbs 22:6 ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it’ – thank you.

    ~ Andy Loo

  • Naomi has grown up under the care and love of the teachers in school. She is more confident and can express herself well. She loves school and enjoys the learning and sharing experiences with her friends.

    ~ Hannah Garcia

  • With constant feedback from his teacher, we are able to establish a consistency to work together and guide him to regulate his behaviour. Thank you for guiding my boy and making his learning journey a pleasant experience.

    ~ Carina Lam

  • It was an awesome journey of 4 years for my daughter!

    We really saw a drastic change in the way she mingled with everyone – respectful, confident and bold, sharing toys with friends, so creative in everything. Thanks to all the teachers who brought out the best in my kid.

    ~ Mohana Arun

  • It’s been a joy to watch my 2 kids growing up in Bethesda Kindergarten. Teachers have been very loving, putting a lot of efforts to bring out the best in children. Both my kids enjoy and love school because of their good experience in class.

    ~ Wenny L Tjandraputra

  • The principal, teachers and all staff are so nice and friendly over here. We had good memories here in all these years. My girl learnt a lot of things here so I still recommend this school to my friends!

    ~ Rino Pandey

  • We are very happy with our daughter’s overall development in BPRK. Teachers pay close attention to kids’ needs and engage them in lots of crafts.

    The ‘Roots and Wings’ programme is very good – kids are learning very good crafts, music and are well engaged in different projects like kite building, tower building, writing their own storybooks, measuring wind e.t.c.

    ~ Shruh° Tayal

  • Our daughter has grown to be an outspoken and lively girl in class, a stark contrast to her previous timid self. This would not have been possible without the patience and loving care of her teachers. She looks forward to going to school every day!

    ~ Chong Kai Ling

  • When he was there, my son has improved so much in terms of knowledge and social skills. These were all due to the passion of the teachers. Well done Bethesda! You are the answer to my prayers.

    ~ Angela Goh

  • I am fortunate to see how my son grew up with such kindness, empathy, excitement, generosity, and I am especially amazed at how much responsible he has become!

    I strongly believe that Bethesda has nurtured these strong foundations for my son and that this will be key in molding him into a better member of society.

    ~ Prince Albert Roalan

  • We as parents feel that the school did well by honing our daughter into a well-rounded person. The school focuses on not just academics but also social, emotional and religious well-being.

    The whole community is always very accommodating, and it’s nice to see the camaraderie between students, whether they are in the same class or not. Because of this, our daughter is always happy and looking forward to go to school.

    May God bless BPRK!

    ~ Alvin and Sheila Azurin

  • Overall, BPRK has helped to inculcate good habits in the students. Thank you very much!

    ~ Karen Tan

  • I am happy to have enrolled my son into the Roots and Wings programme. I saw his improvements in art and music through his art work and his determination to play the piano by himself.

    ~ Alfonso Tan

  • The school gives a lot of space for the children’s growth and well-being.

    ~ Ellen Seah

  • My son got an amazing teacher who guided him very well. The school atmosphere and assembly sessions are very good as they start the day with a prayer.

    ~ Kunal Sethi

  • It’s been a great journey with Bethesda; the teachers are very good and sincere. I really appreciate the observation and feedback regarding my child so that I can make appropriate adjustments.

    ~ Edward Ho

  • BPRK has made learning interesting and fun for kids. The selections for the graduation performances were also very nice. The kids were very synchronized with the rhythm stick and the Chinese Dance looks so sweet. Well done!

    ~ Nina B Ng

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