Roots Programme (3 ½ hours)

At BPRK, we nurture your child holistically in the following 6 learning domains.

Language and Literacy

Children’s language and literacy development (listening, speaking, reading and writing) is acquired by their experiences through: 

  • Modelling 
  • Using Songs, Rhymes, Stories & Language Games 
  • Reading Aloud 
  • The Teaching of Sight Words & Vocabulary

Learning numeracy helps children in the development of concepts, skills and apply them in their daily experiences as our numeracy content is organised along 3 strands: 

  • Simple Relationships & Patterns 
  • Counting & Number Sense 
  • Basic Shapes & Simple Spatial Concepts 

Exploring through hands-on experiences, both indoors and outdoors, helps children make sense of the world around them. This is facilitated by: 

  • Asking Questions 
  • Providing Opportunities for Simple Experiments 
  • Conducting Field Trips 
  • Modelling a Sense of Wonder & Care for the Environment

Children’s ability to recognise and manage their own emotions, build relationships with adults and friends, work well with their peers and persevere when faced with challenging tasks is imperative in building foundations for their life long success in their future. We help them reach these goals by: 

  • Modelling Positive Behaviours 
  • Seizing Teachable Moments 
  • Using Stories, Rhymes & Songs

Through specially curated activities, we spark children’s creativity and aesthetic sensitivity by offering a platform for them to express their ideas and emotions through the use of: 

  • Songs, Rhymes, Chants & Musical Instruments 
  • a Variety of Music & Movement Activities Planned 
  • Art Masterpieces 
  • Providing a Variety of Art Materials

We foster children’s growth in their fine and gross motor skills in a range of physical activities. This helps to build their competence in demonstrating control, coordination and balance and thus enhance their muscle strength and motor dexterity. This is achieved by: 

  • Using Games, Equipment & Obstacle Courses 
  • Conducting Outdoor & Indoor Activities 

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The PG children will be introduced to early literacy through songs, rhymes and stories. Through these activities, children’s listening and speaking abilities will be enhanced. In addition, age-appropriate games and materials will be included in the programme to develop their fine and gross motor skills.


In preparation for ownership of learning at a later age, children are taught independence using mainly skill-based activities.

Many lessons are planned to improve motor skills, social cohesiveness and effectiveness and to enhance their language of communication.

As part of the pre-writing preparation, activities such as dough play, scissors skills are features in the learning corners that the young children can look forward to.


Phonics, the tool for reading where the letters of the Alphabet is introduced systemically, is taught.

Basic Mathematics concepts forms the bulk of Numeracy learning.

Pre-writing skills continue to be featured here.

Kindergarten 1 (K1)

Children are guided to independent reading using phonics.

They write using invented spelling and together with their teachers and parents, each milestone of spelling is celebrated.

Academic learning is balanced with gross motor skills development; outdoor and indoor activity times are planned and provided for.

Kindergarten 2 (K2)

This is where the final layer of foundation is laid.

More abstract learning takes place; fine and gross motors skills are practiced and matured.

Pro-social and language skills are acquired to put children in a good stead for formal school.


Find out more about Roots and Wings curriculum here.

Roots & Wings

The Roots and Wings (6 hours programme) is available for Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2. Children will be nurtured all the areas of development as planned for the Roots (3.5 hours programme) in the morning and Discover of the World (DOW) lessons will flow to the afternoon.

The lessons will enhance the children’s interest to explore a topic further by learning through questioning and investigation. They will be involved in hands-on activities and experiments, gathering data and evidence, after which they will share their findings and draw conclusions. It involves critical thinking skills as children analyse and solve problems by applying their knowledge and skills in creative ways. 

Within Roots and Wings programme, we incorporate art enrichment with North Sea, music enrichment with Kindermusik, sports enrichment with Vivokids, and include Chinese Speech and Drama.

Class Timings

Programme TIME
Playgroup & Pre-Nursery 8am to 10.30am
Nursery, K1 & K2 8am to 11.30am
Roots & Wings
K1 & K2 8am to 2pm

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