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Updated May 2022
  • My kid looks forward to go to school everyday. He tells us how happy. He is to see his teachers and classmates. His teachers are kind and patient. He loves to attend all classes.

    ~ Anonymous

  • ‘My son had enrolled in Nursery-I at BPRK in 2018 and he is now going to have his graduation in 2022 completing K2 having 4 years memorable journey in his first school. The overall campus is spacious. The teaching and supporting staffs are caring and supportive. The Teachers give timely feedback and suggestions for the kids improvement (if any). The over all course curriculum is engaging and their innovative methods keep kids understand all learnings very well. School also runs some activities for parents can engage with kids and school lovely bonding formed with Bethesda. Their enrichment classes are excellent. My son loves the art class and enjoys the sports ball activities. BPRK makes the school events well organised with some outings with children. The school also helped our kid to develop good habits and a great attitude of team work apart of academic knowledge. As a parent I am lucky that I chose BPRK for my kid’d first school as the overall experience is very good so far with lots memories to cherish!! Thank you BPRK - kudos to you All….🙏”

    ~ Anonymous

  • Johannah has been in BPRK since N1 in 2019. She has blossomed under the care of a team of committed teachers who have helped nurture her. The experiences and lessons learnt in school have been very engaging and she looks forward to attending school daily! We are grateful to all BPRK teachers for the effort and dedication in educating the students like your own.

    ~ Anonymous

  • "BPRK is a place that we feel 100% safe to leave our 2 girls in the care of the teachers and staff. The great work of the teachers is evidenced by the kids' enthusiasm in looking forward to attending school everyday. Keep up the good work!"

    ~ Anonymous

  • My husband and I are so grateful to the teachers of Ruby 1, for their patience and loving guidance. Thiya has blossomed under their care and has taken a keen interest in learning. I am especially grateful to Mrs Lim for the perfect balance of discipline and fun that she lovingly displays towards the PreNursery class.

    ~ Simar Kaur

  • Thank you for the hard work and effort in helping my daughter transit into her first school smoothly. She enjoys school so much and has never once complained that she doesn’t want to go. I am especially appreciative and thankful for Mrs Lim, Mrs Wong and Huang Lao Shi for being such wonderful teachers. Johannah enjoys all the praise and worship songs. God bless you all greatly!

    ~ Teresa Sng

  • We would like to thank Bethesda (Pasir Ris) Kindergarten for laying a strong foundation on my kid’s education. The teachers are well organized and passionate about kid’s psychology. We have seen tremendous improvements in our child who was unable to express himself properly before attending the school. We really appreciate the efforts and dedication that the teachers put in throughout the year, looking after them while educating them to understand the way of life.

    ~ Harsha Halgaswatta

  • In the Roots & Wings programme, I have noticed significant changes in my child. Now he is more confident, thinks independently and creatively and learnt a lot of everyday chores. Thanks to all the teachers for working patiently with Saksham.

    ~ Gargi Upadhyay

  • It has been a blessing to have Mrs Chan teach Elisabeth. She is a dedicated teacher and I have seen my daughter grow significantly under her charge. She consistently shares about news and updates to the children and my child often speaks fondly of how much she enjoys learning at her school. The variety of enrichment classes also helped me to see which my child may be developing an interest for. And having them all under Bethesda really makes attending these classes logistically so much easier for the parents. Keep up the good work!

    ~ Samantha Hon

  • We are very happy to have opportunity for our son to study in Bethesda (Pasir Ris) Kindergarten. The approach for education here is so holistic and responsible. The teachers are committed and friendly. We really appreciate everything that has been done to help the children feel safe and happy. In this friendly environment, they still learn discipline, schedule, how to take care of themselves, how to interact with their classmates and to absorb new information fast.

    ~ Tetiana Boiarska

  • I would like to give credit to Mrs Chan for delivering the K1 Roots & Wings programme so well. For the past one year, I have seen tremendous growth in Jozsef. From a reserved child, he is more expressive and confident now. Mrs Chan has excellent observation skills. She understands and respects the children. She recogniszes Jozsef’s strengths and weaknesses from the beginning and has been trying her best to bring Jozsef out of his comfort zone to achieve the best he can. Thank you, Mrs Chan, for always watching out for Jozsef and giving him the opportunity to speak up, otherwise he would have been left out most of the time.

    ~ Jann Teo Li Yuan

  • Ian used to refuse to go to school almost every morning in his previous kindergarten, but ever since he attended Bethesda (Pasir Ris) Kindergarten, he was excited to wake up every morning for class. Thank you for making school fun. Ian has improved greatly in his languages, creativity, confidence and independence. We look forward to having Ian enjoy another year in BPRK (we’re sure Ian does too!)

    ~ Kim Jae Oak

  • Sean enjoys going to school and is always excited to share what he has learnt in class. Thank you for the energy, the efforts and creativity in making learning very enjoyable yet empowering for the kids. The teachers teach with love, respect, patience and motivation which has been key to the growth and betterment of the students. Well done, thank you!

    ~ Selina Seah

  • Ignatius has developed and matured in many ways under the guidance of the teachers in Bethesda. The patience exhibited by the teachers allowed him to grow and learn without pressure. Constant feedbacks and small talks with the teachers allow us to work closely with the school to establish a consistent rapport and familiarity between home and school. Thank you for allowing my child to blossom at his own pace.

    ~ Carina Lam

  • It was a pleasant journey for my 3 boys with Bethesda (Pasir Ris) Kindergarten. My big boys graduated in 2014 and 2015 and finally my number 3 graduated this year. As a foreign family in Singapore, the chance that we enrolled our children in Bethesda was such great luck for us. Thank you so much.

    ~ Joyce Hwong

  • Dear BPRK team, thank you for providing such a nice facility for the children to develop their basic skills, be it eating habits, sports, or education, all are very well taken care of. For 2 years, my daughter has never said she doesn’t want to go to school, which is, I think a huge compliment to the team. Thanks again for all your wonderful service.

    ~ Harshal Aathawale

  • I would like to say Satwik is very privileged to be a student of Bethesda (Pasir Ris) Kindergarten. We still remember the days when he used to cry when we make him ready for the school but things have changed a lot after joining the school. His teachers are very helpful in managing him and making him more responsible now. They have taken away the tension from me when he was crying a lot. Nowadays, he says, “Mama, I have to go to school as the teachers will be waiting for me.” All this change is due to the teachers at Bethesda!

    ~ Subhransu Mohanty & Snigdha Panda

  • I would like to thank all the teachers for their patience, effort and dedication in guiding and teaching Thiershanna. Before enrolling in BPRK, my daughter had difficulties communicating well. She has now improved so much, she is able to communicate well and has improved in her academics too. The staff are commendable for their dedication not only in educating children but welfare too. I feel blessed as a parent to have my daughter in the school.

    ~ Yugeshuran Maniam

  • The experience of my child studying in the school has been satisfying. The teachers give utmost attention to areas where the kids need improvement and highlight the areas where the parents also need to focus for overall development of the child. The curriculum is a mix of academic as well as sports and other recreational activities which helped my child’s overall development and laid a solid foundation for future. Thanks to the teachers and other supporting staff.

    ~ Vishal Bharuka

  • Great efforts from teachers in organizing various activities and learning projects. We enjoyed watching all the clips that the teachers prepared and had a good laugh with our child. Kudos to the cook who always prepared yummy food and got my child to try out food she would not otherwise has tasted.

    ~ Jocelin Soon

  • We are thankful to the principal and teachers for creating a fun-filled and faith-infused environment for the children. Over the years, they have grown to be responsible and caring children.

    ~ Hannah Wei Wei Garcia

  • I am glad to say that my son has enjoyed his class this year and I have no regrets sending him to Roots & Wings programme. He has learnt a lot through the outings, building and constructing towers and bridges. I am amazed by how much he has gained from the activities. Thank you Mrs Chan, Mrs Chong and He Lao Shi for being with him this year.

    ~ Rubell Loh

  • Dear teachers of BPRK, thank you for all your patience and care shown during these 3 years’ journey in BPRK. Michelle has shown much confidence over the year, under the guidance of all the teachers who have taught her. Thank you for letting her find the joy of learning. Thank you for being so dedicated! God bless!

    ~ Linda Tat Mei Hong

  • When I admitted my child to BPRK, I was really not sure about the quality of education. But within 6 months, I have seen drastic improvements. In a span of 3 years with the school, my daughter has really learned a lot. This was the reason I chose BPRK as the starting school for my second child. The teachers are so loving and caring that the kids are always excited about going to school. Please keep up your good work.

    ~ Shaleen Iqbal Sheikh

  • A big thank you to team BPRK! You all did a good job in teaching Sofia. She learned so much from your school and can’t stop talking about it everyday. I am definitely recommending BPRK to my colleagues and friends!

    ~ Ricardo Lanante

  • I want to thank all the teachers of Bethesda (Pasir Ris) Kindergarten for being wonderful first teachers to both my kids. My elder son is also an alumnus of Bethesda who is successfully pursuing his primary education. The school environment is filled with positivity and enthusiasm. The teachers understand each kid’s needs and have been able to guide and prepare them for forthcoming primary education. A satisfied mother,

    ~ Neha Patpatia

  • We were fortunate to have chosen BPRK as the pre-nursery school for our little one. Teaching and non-teaching staff are knowledgeable, very caring and are genuinely loving the kids. The cleanness and safety of the premises are excellent, and their events (for kids and parents) are well organized with valuable content. Overall, the school helped our daughter, apart from the academic knowledge and skills, to develop good habits and a great attitude.

    ~ Ioannis & Intan Voutyrakis

  • My eldest son enjoyed his entire stay in BPRK. He met a lot of friends. He created a lot of things. He has gained more confidence and has started to demonstrate independence. I am happy to see my son in different performances. I particularly enjoyed his graduation performance. It was so inspirational, Christ-centred and full of energy. Thank you for shepherding my son and teaching him Christian values.

    ~ Mr Tan


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